Country House, Surrey

Neo Palladian Country House, Surrey

Nestled near Farnham, Surrey, “House in the Woods” is a stunning Neo-Palladian residence that has been meticulously restored in recent years. The exceptional gardens surrounding this house have also been masterfully crafted by Thomas Hoblyn. This extraordinary property is steeped in history, having once been owned by the renowned music producer Mutt Lange. It represents the harmonious convergence of historic charm and contemporary living enhanced with new drystone terraces

Built on the site of a previous house that was regrettably demolished in the 1970s, this Neo-Palladian residence was reborn from the ashes, preserving the memory of its predecessor while embracing a fresh vision inspired by Thomas Hoblyn. The result is a garden that exudes enduring sophistication, offering a haven of refinement and tranquillity within the picturesque landscape of Surrey.

Spanning an impressive nine acres, the estate’s grounds are nestled within a scenic valley, surrounded by the classic acid heathland of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). This pristine natural environment, abundant with biodiversity and water features, serves as a canvas for the designed gardens by Thomas Hoblyn.

Drystone Terraces

Thomas Hoblyn’s landscape design includes meticulously crafted drystone terraces that gracefully complement the house. These terraces are adorned with a magnificent collection of rhododendrons and their botanical companions, creating a symphony of colours and textures that evolve with the changing seasons. These captivating gardens pay tribute to Surrey’s horticultural heritage while capturing the essence of its natural splendour.

Enchanting woodlands reflect Tom’s thoughtful touch. Here, nature has been allowed to flourish, resulting in a woodland floor adorned with mosses and delicate ferns. This scene transports you to the renowned Cornish estates, where the wild and cultivated landscapes harmoniously coexist, all under Tom’s guidance. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the enchantment of the forest—a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

One of the primary objectives of this project was to seamlessly integrate the house, known as the “House in the Woods,” into its natural surroundings while creating a welcoming and grand entrance. The vision was to create a ‘gateway’ into the gardens, rationalising the front entrance and allowing visitors to embark on a sensory journey as they approach the estate. The successful completion of the initial phase of this transformative project has already revitalised the property, enhancing the connection between the house and its lush surroundings.

Excitingly, the journey of the “House in the Woods” continues to evolve. With the approval of planning consent, Thomas Hoblyn’s design includes a series of lakes and streams that will further enhance the estate’s natural beauty, providing fresh opportunities for exploration and reflection.