RHS Chelsea 2019

Location: Chelsea, London

Inspired by the sculptural beauty of arid landscapes, the Dubai Majlis Garden references windblown sand dunes, fluvially eroded rock, man-made hillside terraces and goat-browsed topiary-esque plants.With a muted palette of oranges and blues, the planting embraces the sculptural beauty found in arid landscapes, such as windblown germander and tapestry-like carpets of thymes that hug rocky landscapes.The water source seemingly connects to an oasis like pond finding its way around obstacles, giving life to the plants and leading to a meeting point.

Key plants included Punica Granatum, Ziziphus Jujuba, Parrotia Persica, Euphorbia Dendroides, Teucrium Fruticans and Myrtus Communis

‘The Dubai Majlis Garden was one of my winners’  – Robin Lane Fox, The Financial Times

 RHS Chelsea Silver Gilt Medal