The Boodles Travel Garden
RHS Chelsea Flower Show
24th- 28th May 2022

In 1962, 60 years ago, Anthony Wainwright, father to the current chairman of Boodles travelled around the world in just 16 days. The Boodles Travel Garden is a garden to celebrate this incredible endeavour with planting drawn from all corners of the world, creating a global garden, which offers a calm sanctuary to rest and reflect on the journey.

I have chosen planting with interesting form and habit and includes potted Cyathea cooperii, native to India with stunning bark pattern, Cornus controversa from East Asia, with horizontal habit and Acer davidii from China with its striped bark. Below the structural planting is a woodland stumpery-style underplanting which follows the gently flowing water path, marked with a trail of blue and burnt orange planting of Iris sib Caesars Brother and Primula bulleyana creating the illusion of movement and journey. The mounded beds partially obscure views to evoke scale and discovery.

I am so delighted to continue my relationship with Boodles after designing, last year, the highly acclaimed Boodles Secret Garden, inspired by the well-loved children’s story by Frances Hodgson-Burnett, it is just great to be working with them again.

We look forward to seeing you there, same corner as last year in The Sanctuary Garden section.




Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’

                                                                                            Primula Bulleyana