Thomas Hoblyn is a landscape and garden designer specialising in classical design for contemporary lifestyles. Tom designs for large rural estates, country houses and townhouses with modern day requirements. Historical restoration and a keen interest in the natural environment play equally important roles in his landscape design. Since training at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Tom has gone on to win three gold medals at Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court.

Tom works with clients on all aspects of their landscape scheme from initial concept stage right through to construction, although he is very happy to undertake individual project aspects such as planting design, nursery visits and sourcing of the highest quality plants for clients.

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Chelsea garden feature

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Greek proverb

Garden design is a second career for Thomas Hoblyn. He first trained in agriculture in order to take over the family farms in Cornwall. During his training he worked on many large farms in the Westcountry and therefore has a clear understanding of parkland, rural landscapes, woodland, shooting estates and agriculture.

However, a love of plants and nature took hold of Tom and, much to his family's dismay, he decided to re-train in garden design at the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew; a three year course that not only focuses on garden design, but also plant knowledge, arboriculture and park management. After graduation, Tom gained further garden design experience working for two eminent garden designers before setting up shop on his own in 2002.

Today, Thomas Hoblyn Garden Design has grown into a core team of five people including Ros Hering. She has been with Tom for five years and originally having trained as a garden designer, but has recently qualified as a landscape architect at Writtle University, She is the creative head and works closely with Tom on all design projects.

Tom has a constant stream of freelancers, work experience students passing through the office that always bring new skills to the company and regularly use specialist people for on site project management, structural engineering and developing complex constructions. Many projects require additional professional expertise and show garden experience ensures the very best in the business. For water features, Andrew Ewing is an absolute genius.
Peter Harket is an ideal on-site Project Manager for all distant projects. He manages the build of two show gardens at Chelsea Flower Show each year and can handle any eventuality.
Keith Horn Architects will often assist in the more complex of building projects - notably temples, summerhouses and even an outdoor gym.

Tom's niche tends to be on the rural side of things, small and large estates and farms. Woodland management, lakes, wildflower meadows, deer parks, shooting are often elements that need to be considered in the design process. Historical knowledge and a deep respect for the past is extremely important as often the projects will be restorations of fascinating estate elements such as walled gardens, rhododendron walks, ancient woodland, pleasure grounds and arboreta. His design is of a classical nature, respectful of the past yet practical for today's needs. Land art has long been an interest for Tom and the rural landscapes make this a practical and elegant addition to the design.

It is such a wonderful thing that people are still keen to take on these wonderful estates and make them work in a modern day environment. Discreetly putting a tennis court in the walled garden without upsetting the head gardener or a swimming pool in the orangery. Working with neighbouring farmers, land agents, conservationists, planners and sourcing gardening staff, are all tasks to be embraced as part of the design process.

Recent projects include: developing an arboretum that will contain a comprehensive Quercus collection (oaks), restoration of three Georgian lakes, reintroduction of deer into newly restored parkland and a productive walled garden that will, one day, supply the local farm shop. Tom is also in the process of developing his first piece of land art in Essex.

Tom started off exhibiting at Hampton Court Flower Show in 2005 and next year will be doing his sixth show garden at Chelsea Flower Show and holds three gold medals, three silver gilt medals and two silver medals.

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