RHS Chelsea Flower Show – Press Summary

The Boodles ‘Best of British’ Garden designed by Tom Hoblyn was awarded a Silver Gilt medal at RHS Chelsea 2023.

The Boodles ‘Best of British’ Garden is a celebration of British craftsmanship; the very best British craftspeople have worked with Tom Hoblyn to create the garden on the premise that craftsmanship is the refinement and stylisation of Mother Nature. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite’s stylised depiction of woodlands, Tom has designed a woodland glade garden filled with plants selected for their perfected forms.

An arbour created by Cox London is the destination within the garden and mimics the woodland surroundings in the form of intricate leafy tiles and branchlike framework. A steel 3m circular mesh frame is patinated to be bronze-like in appearance. It will be partially clad in leaf-like tiles as a canopy. The support within will be Cox London’s signature branch-like framework, as though the branches are holding up the leaves. Curated by top interior designer Rachel Chudley, woodland inspired furnishings adorn within using the very best craftspeople. Jake Catling of The Landscaping Consultants has worked his stonemasonry magic in creating rustic yet refined paths and terrace using the highly fossilised Chatsworth stone.

A floating pool will ripple as if raindrops are falling, made from mild steel this giant (3m x 2m) saucer will brim with water to create a mirror effect. Bamber Wallis has ingeniously created 150 hydraulic pressure points that will create the effect of rainfall. Beginning with occasional droplets and building up to the crescendo of a downpour. This will be on a timer.

Selected, refined and stylised forms of plants have been chosen to plant the garden reinforcing the theme that Mother Nature conjures up miracles of crafted beauty in the natural world. For example, the highly intricate feathery form of Alnus Imperialis and the weeping habit of Betula pendula. The double flowering rambling rose Félicité Perpétue rambles over the arbour whilst coloured forms of grasses, sedges and perennials surround the pool.

“It is always a delight for me to design a garden for RHS Chelsea and an honour to work with a host of the country’s best craftspeople. We have the very best artisans and materials right here in the UK, and we designers should be embracing these valuable resources in the creation of something truly unique rather than the usual homogenised designs we see time and time again. I hope this garden will highlight and celebrate the enormous British talent that comes together to create the unique and spectacular” – Tom Hoblyn

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Contributors : The Boodles ‘Best of British’ Garden

RHS Chelsea 2023

Sponsor: Boodles
Established in Liverpool in 1798, this fine jewellery company has been steered by six generations of the same family for over 200 years. This will be the third garden at RHS Chelsea, designed by Tom Hoblyn which Boodles have sponsored. @boodles

Garden Designer: Thomas Hoblyn
With his team, Tom seeks to increase the ecological diversity and richness of any landscape. He has worked on projects from London town houses to large country estates, healing gardens and the rewilding of great swathes of land. Awarded a clutch of medals at RHS Chelsea for his spectacular gardens, including a gold in 2022 for The Boodles Travel Garden. @tomhoblyn

Main Contractor: The Landscaping Consultants
Headed by Jake Catling, The Landscape Consultants are very familiar with Chelsea, having created many award-winning gardens. Jake has worked his stonemasonry magic in creating rustic yet refined paths and terrace using the highly fossilised Chatsworth stone in this garden. @jake.tlc

Interior Design: Rachel Chudley
Rachel is known for creative interiors with a distinct use of colour and texture. At odds with formalised style, her work instead reflects its environment and inhabitants, their quirks, passions, and humour. Her East London studio is made up of artists as well as designers, resulting in truly unique interiors. @rachelchudley

Arbour: Cox London
A unique atelier that seeks to create a remarkable beauty in the world by unleashing nature within every piece of sculptural furniture and lighting that they create. Founded by sculptor makers Chris and Nicola Cox in 2005. @coxlondon

Water Feature: Bamber Wallis
Bamber Wallis has been creating and making water features since 1989 after studying at St Martins School of Art. Last year at Chelsea he created the undulating stream that ran through Tom’s garden – The Boodles Travel Garden. @bamber_wallis_designs

Embroidery: Acru
Amelia Dennigan is a fine art thread painter, using hand embroidery and applique techniques to create otherworldly and unexpected paintings, relying heavily on colour, form and symbolism. @acru_

Hand-Dyed Fabrics: Sally Troughton

Wood Carving: Matthew Pack
A professional wood carver and gilder based in Surrey

Trees and Shrubs: Deepdale Trees
Located in Bedfordshire in more than 100 acres, Deepdale supplies semi-mature trees, shrubs and hedging. www.deepdale- @deepdaletrees

Roses: Peter Beales Roses
Passionate about roses since 1968 Peter Beales Roses have become renowned for specialising in the very best varieties, including many modern, classic, unusual, old, fashioned, historic and rare roses. @peterbealesroses

Perennials: Kelways
Based in Somerset, Tom has worked with Kelways for years, they have supplied plants for many of his Chelsea gardens. The nursery was founded in 1851 by James Kelway, one of the very oldest nurseries in the UK that has been trading continuously for 170 years. @kelwaysplantslangport

Bulbs: Jacques Amand International
For over 90 years, Jacques Amand has offered flowering bulbs of many varieties. The company began as a flower shop in the Strand when Jean Jacques Amand arrived from the Netherlands in 1927.

Stone: Allgreen Group
Masters in stone based in Yeovil, Somerset @allgreengb

Groundworks: Gunns Contractors Groundworks in Hampshire


Betula pendula Alnus glutinosa ‘Imperialis’ Salix alba

SHRUBS Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’ Corylus avellana Acer campestre
Ilex aquilfolium Sambucus nigra

Athr yium Niponicum Pictum Adiantum Inbricatum Adiantum Venustum Adiantum hispidum
Dr yopteris dilatata Crispa Dryopteris erythrosora Matteucia struthiopteris Polystichum setiferum Herrenhausen Polystichum setiferum Plumosodensum

Actea simplex Brunet te Anemone rivularis Aquilegia atrata Aruncus dioicus Aruncus Horatio Astilboides tabularis Chiastophyllum oppositifolium Darmera peltata Dodecatheon meadia Equisetum scirpoides Eriophorum angustifolium Hosta plantaginaea grandiflora Hosta Halcyon
Iris prismatica

Iris setosa var. artica Lilium martagon ‘Peppard Gold’ Meconopsis ‘Lingholm’ Myosostis scorpiodes Peltoboykinia watanabei Podophyllum hexandrum Polygonatum falcatum Polygonatum red Stem Polygonatum odoratum Primula alpicola Primula florindae Rodgersia aesculifolia Thalictrum ’Black Stockings’ Vancouveria hexandra

Carex divulsa Carex elata ‘Aurea’ Carex remota Juncus ensifolius Juncus inflexus Luzula sylvatica ‘Aurea’

Milium ef fusum ‘Aurea’

Rosa ‘Paul’s Himalayan Musk’ GRASSES
Carex divulsa
Carex elata ‘Aurea’ Carex remota
Juncus ensifolius Juncus inflexus Luzula sylvatica ‘Aurea’

Milium ef fusum ‘Aurea’