The Practice

The practice is based in a 400 year old converted barn at Tom’s property in the Suffolk countryside where he and the team have space to create, and use the walled garden to trial and experiment new ideas and designs.

Since its conception in 2001, Thomas Hoblyn Garden Design has worked on projects from London town houses to large country houses and rural estates, healing gardens, the rewilding of coastal land and public parks.

The team is a close group of highly trained designers and landscape architects collaborating to create landscapes and gardens which find their source in classical design and develop with more naturalist planting to blend seamlessly into their landscape.

Each project whether private, commercial or public sector, is a response to its own unique place and atmosphere, creating an environment where the client feels at ease in their space; a place to escape and delight. Tom’s relationships with his clients are personal and direct, encouraging client involvement in each project.

Following an ethic of sustainability, we seek to increase the ecological diversity and richness of any landscape in which we work. Local materials are used wherever possible and plants are selected to fit and thrive in their surroundings.