Farmhouse, Essex

Mediterranean inspired garden design

Brook Hall Farm, is a substantial farmhouse nestled in the picturesque countryside on the Suffolk/Essex border near Sudbury. This captivating, Mediterranean inspired garden, designed by Tom, showcases a harmonious fusion of Mediterranean influences, cherished antiques, and a seamless transition into the surrounding farmland and countryside.

The vision for the garden at Brook Hall Farm was to imbue it with a Mediterranean ambiance that would beautifully complement the character of the substantial Essex farmhouse. The owners, originally from Denmark, sought to create a garden that transported them to sun-drenched Mediterranean inspired garden and landscapes while incorporating a selection of their cherished antiques, including cathedral mullions and a splendid Italian well. The ultimate goal was to have these elements blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the farmland and countryside that surrounds the property.

Terraced gardens at Brook Hall Farm

To bring this vision to life, Thomas Hoblyn designed the garden with a terraced hillside style that gracefully accommodated the land’s pre-existing slope. The garden’s design unfolds in a series of terraces, each offering its unique charm and character. Closest to the house, the first terrace exudes a sense of formality with its carefully curated planting scheme, featuring English Roses and Hydrangea Paniculata. This area provides a tranquil space for the family to enjoy the beauty of the garden while appreciating the farmhouse’s architectural elegance.

As you move through the subsequent terraces, a more natural and organic evolution takes place. Rosa Moyesii and ornamental grasses dominate these areas, creating a sense of wild beauty that seamlessly transitions into a wildflower meadow and orchard. These terraces embody the spirit of the English countryside, offering a delightful contrast to the formal elements of the garden while celebrating the region’s flora and fauna.

One of the most distinctive features of the garden at Brook Hall Farm is the sculpted organic land art that defines the terrace ends. These tiers, lovingly referred to as ‘earth moons’ by Thomas Hoblyn, serve as both a nod to the natural landscape and a testament to the garden’s artistic sensibility. They are a visual delight that adds depth and character to the garden while harmonising with the surrounding countryside.

The farm pond, a central element of the garden, was extended around the house, creating a moat-like entry that adds a sense of enchantment and drama to the property. This water feature was thoughtfully planted with aquatics, enhancing its ecological value and visual appeal. It serves as a welcoming gateway to the farmhouse and the garden beyond.


In conclusion, the garden at Brook Hall Farm, designed by Thomas Hoblyn, is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends Mediterranean influences, cherished antiques, and natural beauty. It is a garden that transports residents and visitors to distant landscapes while celebrating the unique charm of the Suffolk/Essex border. The terraced hillside design, sculpted earth moons, and the enchanting farm pond all contribute to the garden’s allure, creating a living work of art that pays homage to both the Mediterranean and the English countryside.