Rooftop Garden, London

A Rooftop Garden Design

An enchanting rooftop garden at Cumberland Place in North London is a true oasis of calm and beauty atop a central London house. This rooftop garden, expertly designed by Thomas Hoblyn, is a testament to creative landscaping in an urban setting. Situated atop a house designed by the legendary John Nash and nestled within the Crown Estate Grade II* listed property, this garden is a harmonious blend of classic architecture and contemporary greenery.

The inspiration for this rooftop garden came from a visit to Thomas Hoblyn’s Italianate Renaissance garden at RHS Chelsea, which left a lasting impression on the clients. Inspired by the beauty and serenity of that garden, they envisioned a rooftop retreat where they could unwind in the evening and showcase cherished pieces of sculpture. Additionally, the garden needed to be a visual delight from the main study in the house, seamlessly integrating the indoor and outdoor spaces.

One of the standout features of this rooftop garden is the stone cut on a radius, which is not only a visual marvel but also a structural challenge on a rooftop with a void beneath. This intricate design element adds a sense of depth and movement to the garden while serving as the focal point. Moreover, an infinity edge water feature adds an element of tranquillity and reflection, mirroring the central London skyline in the distance. The garden was constructed by the talented Bowles & Wyer who used their expertise and experience to fulfil this complex project.

Mediterranean planting scheme

The microclimate of central London presents a unique opportunity for horticultural creativity. Tom expertly capitalised on this, curating a Mediterranean planting scheme that thrives in the urban oasis of Cumberland Place. The garden showcases a sculptural cork oak, which evokes the charm of Mediterranean landscapes, alongside Italian cypress that add verticality and structure. Osmanthus topiary contribute to the sculptural elements of the garden, while lavender, iris, and Stachys byzantina introduce bursts of colour and fragrance, creating a sensory experience for visitors.

This rooftop garden, designed by Tom is not merely a green space but a living work of art that seamlessly combines the client’s desire for an evening retreat, a gallery for cherished sculptures, and a harmonious connection to the house’s main study. It offers a serene escape from the bustling streets of London, inviting residents and guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature against the backdrop of iconic architecture